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Just Cares Inc.

124 South Kentucky Avenue ● Lakeland, Florida 33801 ● (863) 812-0649 Cell 

Our Story

We've loved every minute of our journey

An Idea is Born

In the late part of 2012 Just Dance discovered a need to have an event that would act as a alternative to Halloween. We wanted have an event that children and families could come to, who did not believe in nor celebrate Halloween for religious or safety reasons. Rather than take this cause up for any means of financial or business gain it was decided that a non-profit was a better way to cultivate our mission to help downtown Lakeland an its surrounding community. Hence, Just Cares Inc, a 501(c) 3 non-profit community organization, was founded on October 22, 2012.

Our Vision....

Just Cares Inc. realized it was not enough to just have an Annual Fall Festival on Halloween but it wanted to make an impact in helping our community and promoting downtown Lakeland as a whole. It was through this that our special needs program was born. Just Moving is a Free dance class that is specially designed for individuals with intellectual, developmental and physical disabilities. A signature class that brought awareness to our program and non-profit organization that was Featured on Hometown Heroes segment on Fox 13 news. As time has gone on or programs and classes have grown to encompass not just special needs but seniors, homeless, and our surrounding community.

The Future....

Present day Just Cares Inc. has taken a simple idea of helping our Lakeland community through FREE programs and classes and extended it to events, classes and services in and around the surrounding area. Through our latest efforts of we have brought awareness through Equal Pay Day events, Puerto Rico Toy Drive and so much more. We thank the city of Lakeland for it's continued support through proclamations, newspaper and media coverage in helping to spread our little idea into a place to give hope where there is none.

Board Members

President.....Maria Torres

Treasurer.....Laurie Holland

Secretary.....Tammy Osborne

Board Member.....Glo Mackey

Consigliere.....Kevin Rios

Our Mission

To provide FREE language education, fine arts, and cultural programs to our communities, thereby changing the quality of life for future generations.